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Dakron is a 100% Brazilian Company, created to work in the areas of Third Part Inspection, Civil Construction and Earthmoving Equipment, always investing in quality and safety to better serve ours customers.

Founded in 1999, Dakron has been offering services in an innovative and bold way together with its National and International Customers. Dakron has been standing out in this area through partnerships with ours Customers and Suppliers.


Dakron Inspection and Construction Services is committed to reach or exceeding the expectations of our Clients and employees in all areas of our participation. QUALITY is the most important factor for any Dakron’s employee, which ensures that we ALWAYS have the excellence, compliance with legal requirements and continuous improvement as main objective.



  • Acquire trust and customer satisfaction.

  • Perform activities according to requirements always seeking customer satisfaction.

  • Maintain and improve the Quality Management System.

  • Accomplish all obligations and have the best collaborator.

  • Search for professional partners and in greater regional reach.

  • Purchase of materials and equipment with quality.

  • Receive and pay on time.


Dakron aims to achieve the expectations of our customers and employees in all areas of our participation, with Quality being the most important factor. We also ensure the protection of the health and safety of all those involved with the company, always respecting and preserving the environment, working in a responsible and sustainable way.


In specific objectives, the company search for to involve the Client in our projects, so that it can increase the satisfaction of the same. We also search innovative practices and means for solving the problems of our clients, so that we can respond to requests with urgency and appreciation preserving their business and reputations.

To achieve these goals, Dakron works using experienced and qualified professionals according to national standards SEQUI / PETROBRAS, ABENDI, FBTS, CREA, SNQC, ASNT, ARAMCO, ABRACO, NACE etc. throughout Brazil, South America, among other Countries.

The company also performs Expediting Services, follow-up of production processes, tests and laboratory tests, issuance of reports that prove the real characteristics of the product. All this for quality control and quality assurance occur according Client request.



Dakron Construction and Inspection Ltda, is a small / medium-sized company specializing in Third Party Inspection Services, maintenance, welders qualification, welding services, expediting, NR-10, NR-13 among others NR´s, consulting, project services, Civil Construction Services. Company established in Brazil since 1999. The company has a history of continuous business.

Dakron's strategic intention is to build strong and permanent relationships with quality services and prices within the current market, and because it is a broad market with many conditions, Dakron has revised its commercial values/rates within this market and guarantees better conditions and performance for the above-related jobs.

Established in the city of Guaratinguetá / SP, it has a fully operational business infrastructure and information management systems. Our office in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro employs several professionals, as well as qualified professionals, as well as professionals with ART in the home state of work execution.

We propose to establish an operations office anywhere in the country, with a contracted and dedicated coordinator in order to better coordinate and control any kind of services. This installation can be created and managed in the time of need of each Client.


Build strong and lasting relationship with our Clients, guaranteeing the best services with Quality, Price and Excellent Performance.


To have the recognition of our Clients as a Third Party Services Company that provides the services with the best Quality and Expected Time.


Confidence; Delivery of results based on Ethics,

Transparency and Integrity.



Dakron has a wide range of qualified inspectors and engineers available to perform activities with the highest level of quality and commitment to your Customer.


We are experts in executing executive projects in the areas of architecture, reinforced concrete structures, metallic structures, hydraulic, consulting and consulting of engineering, construction of buildings, earthworks, among other specialties.



A Brazilian company in the world

Dakron operates in more than 18 countries providing technical inspection services across multiple equipment, accelerating vendor, audit, and manpower assessments.

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