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Integrated management system

DAKRON CONSTRUÇÃO E INSPEÇÃO LTDA provides administrative support services, management of activities aimed at inspection, expediting, inspection of materials, products, equipment and installation during manufacturing, testing, assembly, construction and mechanical completion; through its Integrated Management Policy, it demonstrates its commitment to the requirements of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety.

It confirms that it is committed to achieving the highest standard of performance in terms of customer satisfaction and meeting the expectations of its stakeholders, considering the organization's context, cultural, social, political, legal, technological (innovation), economic, risks, opportunities and corporate governance across all business strategies and initiatives.

Top Management is committed to the continuous maintenance of the Integrated Management System-SGI, which defines not only its role and responsibilities, but also those of all members of the workforce and other leaders.
SGI Control and Monitoring seeks improvements through regular review of the system, with suppliers and subcontractors being encouraged to cooperate. To achieve the intended results; principles have been established and must be complied with by all direct and indirect employees, aiming at the continuous improvement of the SGI.

• Formal commitment by Senior Management in relation to the Integrated Management System.
• Preservation of Ethics and transparency in the relationship with stakeholders (direct and indirect employees, customers, suppliers, governments, class entities, partners and society).
• Ensure employees continuous learning and development through the promotion of training related to Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety.
• Ensuring compliance with legal, statutory and other regulatory and/or contractual requirements related to the Integrated Management System.
• Permanently seek the adoption of safe and environmentally appropriate practices in the execution of all its activities; preventing pollution, providing a safe and healthy work environment to prevent work-related injuries and illnesses; as well as eliminating hazards and reducing risks.
• Have a management system capable of achieving and continuously improving the management of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety.
• Ensure the consultation and participation of workers at all levels and functions applicable to the relevant topics of the SGI.

Code: Revision: Date: Issue: Approval: DKN-PL-01 02 10/15/2021 Marcelo Mendes Marcelo Mendes

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